Writing specialized articles: tips for software engineers

Writing specialized articles: tips for software engineers

As a software engineer, you may discover writing articles is superfluous. Yet, truth be told, the better developer you are — the more individuals need to get with you about your prescribed procedures, accomplishments, and exhortation. In this material, you’ll discover the motivations to compose, the means to take and the approaches to compose well.

For what reason would it be advisable for you to compose articles?

Have you ever googled yourself?

Being related with specialists is a decent practice. At the point when individuals read your articles on the web, they remember you as an expert and trust you more.

So for what reason to compose?

  • Exposure.
  • Self PR, assemble your portfolio.
  • It works for your organization’s standing (in the event that you work for one).
  • Basic information sharing.


Expound on your experience…

… Experience identified with your work.

On the off chance that you are a PHP designer, no one anticipates that you should expound on Elixir. In any case, you may tell about your Elixir expectations to absorb information or disclosures.

Then again, as a designer, you can likewise uncover your own perspectives or the bits of knowledge from your every day working daily practice. Numerous individuals these days are keen on devs’ very own inspiration, hacks, and approaches.


Check on the off chance that someone expounded on very similar things previously. On the off chance that indeed, there’s no compelling reason to make another connected material except if you have:

Refreshed (new) form

Dubious (you disagree on a past point) form


Try not to compose equivalent to another person has composed previously.

Find the same number of related materials as you can, investigate them, analyze.


After the exploration, you should concoct a novel however demonstrate innocence that shows the reason and setting of the article.

Terrible models:

Gathering #58: Orleans 3.0, Snitch, What’s Your Problem? Next 5 years of ASP.NET Core

The One Programming Language to Rule Them All

Experiencing Technical Debt?

For what reason do I believe these guides to be terrible? The first is excessively long and comprises of such a large number of watchwords which makes it less explicit. Two different models don’t provide you some insight what be the issue here.

Genuine models:

Guaranteeing solid Node.js program utilizing guard dog clock

Versatile Components and Parent-Driven Behavior in Angular

Instructions to Make HTTP Requests In React

Names ought to be more explicit, yet not very long. From these models I considered ‘great’, you can feature the principle catchphrase state and the reason for each article. Simultaneously, they are not long.

Article structure

While there could be a wide range of approaches to arrange your substance, the client as a rule anticipates that the content should be made with a specific goal in mind. This is a norm for article structure you may continue in endeavors to connect with your client and present the data in a most applicable manner:




The Body: Code, Examples, Pictures


Future work/References

The last part is generally helping you to associate your material with the remainder of the writings introduced in your blog or distribution.

Code scraps and pictures

The greater quality point related pictures you incorporate — the better.

In the event that the article is identified with code — embed some code bits. Use CodePen or its analogs.

Labels and watchwords

Watchwords are in need in light of the fact that with their assistance web indexes take guests to your site page.

On the off chance that you expound on React.js, you should add the accompanying labels: ReactJS, JavaScript, programming, programming improvement, web advancement, web, UI, open-hotspot (for instance).

To look for fitting watchwords you can utilize a few accessible online instruments.

For enabling your article with catchphrases attempt:






Put the most pertinent into your content.

Labels are critical to relate your material with different materials gave to a similar subject.

Use at any rate 5 labels to show the innovation, item, strategies, experience, etc.

Language and punctuation

No one’s ideal. At the point when you are propelled by your theme you will positively make a few grammatical errors in your content. What’s more, this is the best case. To make your words and sentences right and comprehensible:

Twofold check each sentence.

In the event that you are not a local speaker (I talk about the English language) interpret your sentences in the event that you question the right significance.

Use Grammarly (or other comparative modules that expected to address your content).

Ensure you utilize right terms and expressions.

Additionally, you may utilize phrases, however comprehend the correct instance of utilization.

Genius tips

Utilize current states. (This implies you are at present working with the innovation/technique/approach you’re writing about). Past tenses additionally work however just in the event that you apply to the specific experience.

Keep away from protracted, complex passages.

Extend all abbreviations on first use.

While giving information (numbers, realities) — consistently give the wellspring of data

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