HTML tutorial

Introduction to html in this tutorial

hey buddies, we developed our easy and concise html tutorial for beginners as well as professionals. In our tutorial, every topic from least to last will be cover step-by-step in such a order that you’ll learn it during a very easy way. If you’re new in learning html, then don’t worry, being ready to learn html from basic to knowledgeable level.

Our aim is to provide you a best method of learning the codes with a vast learning experience. Here , you will get the theory as well as questions for practice. Also, if you want to make your own website than you can do this after the entire course of html, css and javascript and be able to create your own interactive and dynamic website. But now we’ll specialise in html only in this html tutorial. As this is the root for learning web designing and web development.
So let’s begin it.

Some major points of HTML described below:

  • HTML is describe as the standard markup language for creating Web pages.
  • It stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.
  • It describes the structure of Web pages.
  • HTML elements with no content said to be empty elements.
  • This language consists of a series of elements.
  • Its elements tell the browser, how to display the page.
  • Its elements represented by tags such as <h1></h1> , <p></p>,<table></table>.
  • These tags label pieces of content such as “heading”, “paragraph”, “table”, etc.

Browsers don’t display these HTML tags. But use them to render the content of that page, where we had applied these tags.

Tutorial for HTML-Hyper Text Markup Language

Introducing some other points of HTML

Computers use the language to communicate just like people do for communication. The way computers communicate with the internet is through a computer language called Hyper Text Markup Language or (inshort) HTML. Html is use for creating various web applications and web pages. Let’s get a brief info about Hypertext, Markup Language, Web page and some other basic topics.

Hypertext is a process of linking the objects to each other. So that when we click on one object, the linking object can be viewed.

Markup language is use to make the text more attractive.

A web page is a document which is written in HTML code and accessible from internet.

Markup tags are the words written inside two angled bracket ” < markup tag> ” like this. These are use to present our text on web pages.

Attribute is also an html element use to include some other features in our text.

A look on html syntax

<h1>Welcome to the HTML Tutorial</h1>
<p>Today we will see how an HTML Syntax looks like</p>

Features of html

  • Easily understandable and modifiable language.
  • Very easy to make an effective presentation using HTML because of having a lot of formatting tags.
  • It is a markup language, so provides a flexible way to design web pages along with the text.
  • It facilitates programmers to add a link on the web pages (by html anchor tag), so enhances the interest towards browsing of the user.
  • This is platform-independent because it can be displayed on any platform like Windows, Linux, Firefox and Macintosh, etc.
  • It facilitates the programmer to add Graphics, Videos, Sound and other required files to the web pages which makes it more attractive and interactive.
  • It is case-insensitive language, which means we can use tags either in lower-case or upper-case.

Why to Learn HTML?

Originally, HTML was developed with the purpose of defining the structure of documents like headings, paragraphs, lists, and so forth to facilitate the sharing of scientific information between the researchers. Now, It is being widely used to format web pages with the help of different tags.

HTML is a MUST for students and working professionals to become a great Software Engineer specially when they are working in Web Developing field.

I have listed some of the key advantages of learning HTML:

  • Create Website – You can create a website or customize an existing web template if you know HTML well.
  • Become a web designer – If you want to start a carrier as a professional web designer, HTML and CSS designing is a must skill.
  • Understand web – If you want to optimize your website, to boost its speed and performance, it is good to know HTML to yield best results.
  • Learn other languages – Once you understands the basic of HTML then other related technologies like javascript, php, or angular are become easier to understand.

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