Google search console temporarily drops url indexing feature

Google search console temporarily drops url indexing feature

Google said it has disabled the “request Indexing” highlight of the URL Inspection Tool inside Google Search Console. The element has been crippled “so as to make some infrastructural changes.” Google said the component should return in the coming weeks.

The declaration. Google posted this declaration on Twitter:

Ordinary ordering unaffected. Google said it will keep on ordering locales through ordinary slithering and ordering. It connected to this designer record on how Google slithers and lists the web.

In any case, you right now can’t utilize the Request Indexing feature in Google Search Console to push your content to Google Search.

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John Mueller of Google explained this on Twitter:

Ongoing objections. There has been a great deal of objections as of late, generally coming from the continuous ordering bugs, around Google not ordering content rapidly enough.

Why we give it a second thought. A great deal of SEOs have been utilizing the solicitation ordering button during the previous scarcely any weeks while Google has been having ordering issues. It is their method of pushing content that Google is struggling ordering, into Google’s list. Perhaps we are over doing it and Google can’t deal with the heap? Possibly there are different bugs with ordering where Google needed to close this down? We don’t know.

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It will return — up to that point, you can’t push content to Google utilizing the Request Indexing highlight in Google Search Console.

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By collecting and summarising all the points, the points come out are that we do not have the need to worry about it. It’s a bug or say problem from the side of google. Google said it on tweet to resolve it within two weeks. Now our main concern is to focus only on our content. Rest of the thing will be resolve by the google within one to two weeks.

Google search console temporarily drops url indexing feature

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