Google is secretly working on a new Truecaller-like app

Google is secretly working on a new Truecaller-like app

Google is set to launch a new avatar of its ‘Google Phone by Google’, known as the Trusted Apps app like Truecaller. The Google Team has not officially revealed anything about the app, but details about the app were spotted by a Reddit user and first reported by 9to5Mac. The app will be called Google Call and it will provide caller ID and spam protection.
Information about this new app came from a YouTube advertisement. This app is not yet available on Google Play which means that we can expect that Google will roll out this app very soon. The ad has already revealed the name and logo of the Google Call app and the ad says that it “lets you answer with confidence”. It will be interesting to see if the rebranded phone by Google will be able to attract Truecaller users.

Meanwhile, the Google Phone app recently received new features such as read out caller names and more. The Google Phone app is available for non-pixel phones & now the app has got a new caller ID announcement feature. This feature reads the caller’s name and phone number when the screen is locked. Google also auto-deleted the old call screen recording and transcription after 30 days.
The phone app also added a “saved voicemail” shortcut to the Voicemail tab, among other minor features. Google’s phone app serves as the primary dialer app for Pixel-Series phones and some Android One smartphones. However, now Google is expanding its phone app support for more Android smartphones. Recently, Google released a beta version of the app on Google Play.

Google offers Truecaller-like features for Android users

Internet search giant Google has launched a new feature for Android users in five countries, including India – this will help them avoid calls that could potentially be a scam.
The company has introduced a feature called Verified Call on its phone app, which aims not only to make Android users trust calls from unknown callers, but to increase call answer rates by verifying businesses that allow users to Want to call.

Due to the verified call feature, Android users will be able to see the caller’s name, logo, reason for calling, and a verification symbol that the business has been certified by Google.

This new feature of Google is essentially the main function of Truecaller for Android users as this app also helps to identify unknown callers.

In a blog post, the company stated that the initial results of the verified call pilot program showed that the likelihood of a customer asking for a call improved.
As mentioned above, verified calls will be part of Google’s phone app and Android users will need this app to use this feature. According to Google, the app will be available to download on even more Android devices later this week.
The facility is first coming to the US, Mexico, Brazil, Spain and India.

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